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Power consumption with an 8x AA power pack at idle:

Raspberry Pi model Idle consumption
B+ 134 mA
B rev 2 193 mA
B rev 1 189 mA
A 83 mA
A+ 58 mA
A+ with no keyboard / monitor 46 mA

These readings were taken with an HDMI monitor and a USB keyboard attached (numlock light on).
The Raspberry Pi was left at the login prompt to take the measurement (approximately no CPU usage).

Our 14.5 hour screen saver test used between 135 and 154 mA while running.

The BattBorg was powered with 2700 mAh rechargeable batteries.
Using more AAs will reduce the power consumption on the batteries.

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We have done some tests with the new A+ and BattBorg using the same 8x rechargeable AAs:
Battborg Returns: Powering a Raspberry Pi A+ From Batteries
It lasted an impressive 1 day, 20 hours, and 45 minutes!

We also took some power consumption readings from the 8x AA pack:

Measured item Consumption
A+ idle with no monitor or keyboard 46 mA
A+ idle with no keyboard 50 mA
A+ idle with keyboard (numlock on) 58 mA
Derived item Consumption
Keyboard with no lights on 2 mA
Keyboard with numlock on 8 mA
Keyboard with numlock and capslock on 14 mA
HDMI monitor 6 mA
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We took some more power consumption readings from the same 8x AA battery pack with the new Raspberry Pi v2:

Measured item Consumption
V2 idle with nothing attached at the login prompt 100 mA
V2 idle with monitor only displaying GUI 102 mA
V2 idle with monitor, keyboard, mouse, network, and displaying GUI 144 mA

Hi, I recently purchased a Battborg but can you tell me if I can use it straight out of the box. I bought one with no AA holder. I am hoping to hook a Raspberry Pi up with an 18 volt drill battery for portable use. In order to do this can I hook it up as it stands or do I need to purchase something to protect my Pi from being fried? I've been assuming that the Battborg has built in measures to control the amount of power going to the Raspberry Pi. Thanks.

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18 volts is comfortably within the power limits that BattBorg can handle.

Connect the + terminal of the battery to the V+ terminal on the BattBorg
Connect the - terminal of the battery to the GND terminal on the BattBorg
Make sure these are the correct way around.

The BattBorg will then make sure the Raspberry Pi gets a steady 5v supply for as long as the battery has enough power left in it.

You should only need some wires to connect the battery to the BattBorg, no other parts should be required.

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