Powering a Pi Zero using BattBorg without cables

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If you want to make a small internet of things project having a Raspberry Pi Zero W powered from a battery would be ideal. A BattBorg can be fitted directly onto a 6-pin header soldered to your Pi Zero to run an IoT project from batteries for hours.

BattBorg fitted to a Pi Zero

As the mounting hole on the BattBorg does not line up with the ones on the Pi Zero the mounting post cannot be used. To be safe we suggest adding a bit of insulating tape or something similar under the BattBorg to prevent shorting.

Some insulation to prevent shorting

The BattBorg will provide more than enough power to run the Pi Zero W, its WiFi connection, and any Bluetooth connections as well. The only downside is that the screw terminals for the battery will prevent access to some of the GPIO pins.

The six GPIO pins used and screw terminals

By using a rechargeable 9V battery and a short 9V connector cable you can keep the whole project nice and small. Maybe add a Pi Camera and make yourself a tiny wireless surveillance camera you can put anywhere and access from your phone :)

Pi Zero powered from a 9V rechargeable



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