DoodleBorg - Our V1 Raspberry Pi tank

DoodleBorg is a 6 wheel rover robot we built to show the power capability of the PiBorg motor controller


Brains controlled by a Raspberry Pi
Controller: Originally motors powered by 6x PicoBorg reverse controllers
Controller: Now powered by 3x PicoBorg Diablo controllers
Batteries: 1-2 x 12 V DC (10 Ah each)
Motors: 6 x 350 W high torque motors
Chassis: 6 mm thick laser cut steel
Sides: Perspex cut by Phenoptix
Power: Approx 3 hp (2.1 KW)
Size: Approx 30 inches long (76 cm), 27 inches wide (69 cm), 15 inches tall (38 cm)
Weight: Approx 143 lb (65 Kg)
Other: 4 x emergency power off switches controlling power relays

To control DoodleBorg using a PS3 controller we have modified the example to drive 6 boards (one motor / wheel each) and add protection for the controller going out of range or loosing power.
You can view the modified version at
We will be bringing out examples of DoodleBorg doing tasks autonomously later, so stay tuned!


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