General advice


Some tips to help you get the most out of the forums, and get your queries solved quicker:
  • Feel free to show us images of what you have been doing, we love to see what people do with their PiBorgs
  • Please post in the relevant forum, this will usually be the product you are asking about
  • If you are trying to get help with code please include a code snippet or attach source file(s) If you cannot attach the correct extension either zip the file(s) or append a .txt extension
  • If you have a log that may be helpful please attach it as a txt file to the post, try to avoid putting large logs in the post itself since it makes reading the forum difficult for others
  • If you are having trouble installing software for a board, please read the "Installation Issues" topic in case someone else has already asked, then add your query if it has not already been answered
  • When you are having trouble, the more information the better Things we often want to know include: linux distribution, software versions, things tried, symptoms
  • If you have any examples that you would like to share with others please add them to the "Users Examples" topic Feel free to attach source, images and/or link to websites :)
  • Finally if you would like to ask a more general Linux question you can ask it in Raspberry Pi General Discussions.
    We also recommend asking on Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange, they have many friendly people who are willing to help Raspberry Pi users, including us :¬)
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