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Please post any examples you would like to share with other LedBorg owners here :)

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b1nary has kindly shared the standard examples written for Ruby:

thanks b1nary!

I done something similar: very simple class & examples:


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Ross Taylor's blog has a great use for the LedBorg and some code for Vala to do this with.

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I have been playing with a Home Energy Monitor that I've had laying about for a few years and connected it up to my Raspberry Pi. Now I can used the LedBorg to give an indication of how much electricity we are using. I have written up how I achieved this on my blog (RaspberryPi Home Energy Monitor) giving a simple three level indicator but have now implemented a graduated scale that runs on boot up. Hope you find it interesting.

I made a little Perl script using only the standard /sys/class/gpio interface to make the ledborg gently glow on and off.

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I shared the standard examples written for PHP:

A small rpc http service to control the LedBorg written in Go.

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Marco Tonoli has posted an example of turning LedBorg into a basic clock here
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Fotosyn (@fotosynimaging, has made an App for iOS together with a Python server on the Raspberry Pi allowing you full control of your LedBorg from iOS:

View on vimeo

See the full blog here for more details.
Source is available here.

My first project involving a LedBorg was to integrate it with a Airplay reciever for streaming music.
Whenever i start to play music the LedBorg will start to pulse in random colors. This is actually my first Python project ever. AirDisco will run as a Daemon and can be started,stopped or restarted from the cli.

For more information see:

How to setup Airplay on your Raspberry Pi:

For code with Ledborg see Github at:

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Simple configurable leborg clock (using Python and crontab)

This clock is based on the Striking Clock and Westminster Quarters systems used by church clocks.

First a sequence will flash showing the quarter hour time.
1 x = quarter past hour.
2 x = half past hour.
3 x = quarter to the hour
4 x = on the hour

And then the hour number 1 - 12 will flash.

All colours, sequences and timings are easily configurable.

1: Make a directory in your /home/pi directory:
mkdir ledborg_clock

2: Move into the directory:
cd ledborg_clock

3: Download the zip file:

4: Extract contents to this directory:

5: Chmod the python file:
chmod +x

6: Open crontab for editing:
crontab -e

7: Add line to bottom of crontab:
*/15 * * * * python /home/pi/ledborg_clock/

8: Save and exit:
Ctrl+X then press Y and Enter

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