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I was wondering how many normal AA batteries does the pack that comes with the kit hold. Also if I use this lcd screen display can I use that and the battborg on a B+ pi at the same time?

Also does the battery pack have an on and off switch?

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The BattBorg kit comes with a 8x AA battery holder, it does not have any on/off switch built in.

The LCD screen you are looking at covers most of the GPIO pins.
In order to connect a BattBorg at the same time as the screen you would need something to allow multiple boards to be attached to the GPIO.
A TriBorg should work with both the display and the BattBorg.

Ok thank you. The triborg says that it has, "Mounting hole limitation", with the b+. What does this mean? And also do you by any chance know of a battery case that I could use with the battborg, that has an on and off switch?

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The TriBorg comes with a mounting post which is intended to be screwed in to one of the mounting holes on the model A and B.
With the newer A+, B+, and v2 Raspberry Pis the mounting holes have been moved.

The mounting post can still be used if the screw end is put through the TriBorg instead.
This will ensure the TriBorg does not contact the Raspberry Pi, but it does not firmly attach the together as originally intended.

Any battery case which either has wires or a 9V style connector should work with the BattBorg.
We would recommend one which takes 8x AAs or more used with rechargeables.

For example this battery pack should work well, and has an inbuilt on/off switch:

Ok thank you this has been extremely helpful. I actually had already found that exact case earlier today. Just to be clear, I will be able to use the triborg, I just won't be able screw it into the B+?

For some reason the link won't work, but if you just copy and paste the whole thing, it brings you to the right page.

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No problem, I have fixed the link (the auto link generator does not seem to like the 'é').

That case should work fine with the TriBorg, but the mounting post will now be too long.

You could either:

  1. Not use the mounting post, but the TriBorg may not be that steady with boards attached
  2. Trim the post so it is the correct height to sit on the case using a file or saw
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That is correct.

The TriBorg will allow you to plug in to the first 26 pins of the B+ three times, and both the BattBorg and the LCD you are looking at only use the first 26 pins.

The only problem is that the mounting post will not screw into the B+, otherwise it will be the same as it is on a model A or B.

Ok thank you. This has been very helpful overall.

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