Lion and Li-Poly?



Are Li-Ion and Li-Poly batteries are OK as long as they do not exceed the battBorg's input voltage threshold?

Can the BattBorg be used exactly as a 5V USB power supply?


Can I use it to power anything that runs off 5V power and under 1A at load?



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BattBorg should work fine with any currently available battery chemistry as long as the input voltage is between the 7-36v range.

We have found that Lead-Acid actually works very well for very long run times, these are the kind of battery you tend to get in your motorcycle or car.

Li-Ion and Li-Poly will probably be the best option for robots which need to be either very light or have a long running time.

You can use BattBorg to power any device with a 5v power source as long as it does not exceed the 1.5A limit.
I have attached an image below showing which two pins you can use for the 5v supply


I tried to connect a lithium polymer 12v battery (tracer) to my red diddyborg. No succes. my raspberry doesn't start up. Any suggestions? the original cable of the battery is somewhat thicker than the ones used for the original 10xaa battery pack.

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Hi ray,

When you connect the battery do you see any of the LEDs on the Raspberry Pi or PicoBorg Reverse come on at all?

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