are all 3 pins needed?


being new to electronics i wondered what are the 3 pins being used for? i ask this because i was thinking of using the RPI pin 4 as 5V input to two other devices (PIR motion sensor and BrightPI light) but the 3 pin connector for the Battborg covers it already

Surely the Battborg output only needs to be + and -?

but i cant find any details about what the difference might be between pin 2 and 4 on the GPIO pins so i assumed they were the same 5V rail

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You are correct, you only need to connect two pins, one of the 5v pins and the GND pin.
Also the 5v pins are connected to the same rail on the Raspberry Pi

On the BattBorg 5v is supplied to both pin 2 and pin 4, so you could connect either to one of the Raspberry Pi 5v pins.
If you wanted you could connect the spare 5v pin from BattBorg to other devices as long as the BattBorg current limit of 1.5A is not exceeded.

Thanks for that speedy reply

I am hoping that the BrightPi , PIR sensor, noir camera and USB thumb drive are all under the current draw limit

Hoping to catch me an otter 😀

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Sounds like a fun project.

I think that lot will all be fine from a BattBorg.

We would love to see some otter pictures if you manage to get any ^_^

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