Battborg connecting screen to raspberry pi 2


What is the best way to connect rasberry pi 2 to battborg then a screen like a adafruit one using pi bow case

piborg's picture

I am basing my answer on this screen:
since there are no pictures of the screen on its own on the Pibow kit page:

The underside of the screen has an additional GPIO header which replicates all of the GPIO pins.
You should be able to attach the BattBorg to this header using the provided three-pin cable.

The cable will likely have to come out of the case the same way the ribbon cable does in their pictures.
I am not sure there will be any spare room inside the case itself for a BattBorg to fit.

Make sure you connect the BattBorg to the correct pins on the header.
It may be worth asking Adafruit what the pin layout is on this connector for the actual kit you are looking at.

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