More Powerfull Battery/Akku


i have a didiborg and the energy is always used up very quickly.

Does any body know a better akku than the 15 1,5V batterys?

It does not matter if it is thicker or its one block something like that.

Thanks for help

I guess from the number of AA batteries you are using, that you are running 12v motors. Therefore I would look at using a 3 cell LiPo battery, when completely charged will be about 12.6v. I use a 3 cell 2550 mAh battery with 12v motors, and I can charge it's twin before it needs replacing. I also would suggest a battery monitor to keep an eye on when the battery needs recharging. If you want to a higher voltage pack, get a 4 cell version.

Now for the boring stuff, you need to treat LiPo batteries with respect, they have the potential to make your life exciting in all the wrong ways.

Hobby King has a usefully section tool.

hope the above is useful.


Thank you for the tip!

The motors runs with 6V, but there are 6 of these.

Something in the way I thought also. Maybe with one of these:
to charge.

By the way, do you know a option to measure the Status of the batteries?
The only way I have found was this:

Do you have a better idea?

Thanks for your help

The motors are wired in parallel, a 3 cell battery will be fine, for a charger you will need something like this,

The charger you posted the link for, are for smaller batteries.
The battery I used, charges between 3 or 9 amps depending how fast I want it to charge. Slower is better for the battery's life.

I used a battery monitor/alarm, like this one


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