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First of all, tanks for realy nice quality products

I am new to programming and need some information.

I have the DiddyBorg Metal Edition and added TriBorg on top of RPI 2, conected the UltraBorg to the first row, and PicoBorg Reverse to second row on the Triborg. Every ting works good. I have been playing around with the exampel scripts. I also bout XLoBorg and LedBorg, hopfully thy will arive in few days.
I want to use the XLoBorg and LedBorg on my rower.

Do I need to by one more Treborg?

I also want to add two simple switches in front of the rower to detect if the rower is running in to obsticals and other simple sensors.

Can I import I2C and GPIO in same script?
Will I2C and GPIO make conflikt in software?

Gløer Thoren

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You should be able to attach all of those boards to your Raspberry Pi with a single TriBorg.

To do this you want to attach these boards to the TriBorg directly:

  1. PicoBorg Reverse
  2. XLoBorg
  3. LedBorg

The you can attach the UltraBorg to the daisy-chain connection on the PicoBorg Reverse.
See this post: Connecting an UltraBorg and PicoBorg Reverse to the same RPi

You should be able to import the I2C and GPIO libraries into the same script without any trouble.

You can use the 1st header on the TriBorg to connect your GPIO devices to.
To avoid confusion do not use the pins that the LedBorg uses:

If you need to get access to the I2C as well you can access the I2C pins from the diasy-chain header on the UltraBorg.
These six pins are the same as the first six pins on the Raspberry Pi, which is enough for most I2C add-ons.

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Connected electronics up by your guide , everything works as it should :)

Is it possible to just order an extra top plate in plastic , I considering moving the battery up one floor . for then assemble PicoBorg Reverse on the ground floor together with rest of the electronic. Is the plasic plate for DiddyBorg same sice as DiddyBorg Metal Edition?



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The Perspex DiddyBorg panels are the same size as the the Metal Edition ones.

We do not normally sell single panels, but we may have a spare we could sell you.
I will have a look at what is available and send you an email with some options.

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