PS3 Controller paired but not working


I have paired my ps3 controller like it should and when i press a button i see input,
but how does my "car" move ? cause when i run: /home/pi/diddyborg/ start
i get the error: Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/pi/diddyborg/", line 10, in
import ps3DiddyJoy
ImportError: No module named ps3DiddyJoy

Here is a picture of it:

Thanks for reading.

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I am slightly confused here, the standard does not have an import ps3DiddyJoy line, in fact line 10 happens to be blank.

Could you show us the contents of

You can use this command to display the contents in your terminal:
cat -n /home/pi/diddyborg/ | more
To get the next page of text press space.
When all of the lines have been shown you will be returned to the terminal prompt.

yhea i will do sorry for late answer , this is my school project and i whas bussy doing an other one :D , and i get you the picture's as fast as i can . thanks for helping me out !!!

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