DoodleBorg Material parts


Hi there.

First of all great work on DoodleBorg.
I would like to do something similar can you tell us what are the motors that you use?
Can I buy it on internet?

Kind regards,

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DoodleBorg has 6x 350 W electric scooter motors.

We found the motors on eBay so it should be possible to find something similar on the internet.

how much did it cost over all?

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I think DoodleBorg cost us somewhere between £2,000 and £2,500 for the parts.
We also spent a fair amount of time designing, assembling, and programming him :)

Hi there.

Is the DoodleBorg still in development?
Seems like the Diablo controller is out of stock, will it be available soon?
I wondering also where have you purchased the wheels used by DoodleBorg.

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DoodleBorg was a one-off prototype to demonstrate what our boards are capable of, unfortunately it is not for sale.

The wheels are for the mini ATV quadbikes, we found them on ebay.

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