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I called the post office and asked about my order, apparently they need a shipping number ( formats are available there. They told me they can't confirm an order with my name/address.

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Unfortunately there is no tracking number for your package.

I think the confusion here is that we have not used USPS to perform the shipping.
We are based in the UK and used Royal Mail to ship the package.

I would recommend you talk with your local postal service in Egypt and see if they are holding the package for you.
I guess this would be Egypt Post:
The only number printed on the package is the order number (18160), along with you name and address.

I went to them, they need the tracking number in order to check if it has arrived, my name or address are of no use, the website asks for my tracking number aswell.

Even royal mail asks for a tracking number with the format I gave you.

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As I mentioned before there is no tracking number for this package.
No tracking number was provided by Royal Mail upon dispatch because no tracking service was available.

Unfortunately Royal Mail do not offer any services to Egypt which have tracking included.
You can see their summary of international signature and tracking options here:

What I suggest is that you find out where your local post office branch is and ask them if they are holding a package for you.
Often we have found these problems are due to a failed delivery where no note has been left at the delivery address.

Alright I went to the post office and apparently they have no packages under my name, so I guess the delivery failed. What am I supposed to do?

My items just arrived, thanks a ton for your help and support :)

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Glad to hear the package arrived safely in the end.

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