Connecting Dualshock 3 Controller

I tried to connect my PS3 Controller to the RasPi2 via an USB BT-Dongle...(read the "Tutorial")
After pairing the 2 numbers became identical..
After starting and pressing the PS Button nothing happened...

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Sometimes the PS3 controllers can be a bit tricky to get working.
Usually it is easy enough to fix once we have worked out where the problem is.

If you could try these suggestions and let us know the results it will help us determine what is causing the trouble:

  1. What do the LEDs on the front of the controller do when trying to connect?
    Usually all four flash for a while, then just #1 stays lit constantly.
  2. Is the controller still plugged in using the USB cable?
    It needs to be unplugged when you press the PS button to work correctly.
  3. Could you show us the full output shown when you run sudo sixad --start?
  4. Is it possible the PS3 controller is low on battery?
    We have had a couple of occasions where we needed to leave the controller plugged in to a PC USB port overnight to charge because it had stopped working correctly.
    Note that the controller may not charge if attached to a mobile phone style wall charger.
    Also if you charge the controller using the PS3 USB ports you will probably need to pair the controller with the Bluetooth dongle again afterwards.
  5. Is the controller an official Sony controller?
    If it is not it will likely come with its own USB dongle.
    If it did use that dongle instead of the Bluetooth and sixpair / sixad.

Let us know the results and we will try and figure out what needs to be fixed ^_^

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Just thought I would let you know we have had a lot of trouble getting sixad to work properly with Raspbian Jessie.

We have updated our instructions to use a new method which seems to be much more reliable:

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