Incomplete kit


I recently received my 4Borg Kit , and there was not enough red and black wire to complete the kit , after cutting wire to the specific lengths . I was only able to cut the wire for the 4 motors with less than 4 inches left. Also the 8 cheese head screws were not included.
Love the kit otherwise.

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Oops, we must have made a mistake packing your 4Borg :(

We will post you out some more cable and the other parts you have shown as missing.
Can we send these to the same address as we used for your order, #18445?

We will get these bits posted to you ASAP so you can finish building your 4Borg.

Sincere apologies, PiBorg.'s picture

yes ,the same address please , i appreciate your quick response. It will give me some more body customization time.

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On the missing parts you have circled the black grub screws.
We often fit these into the brass hubs for shipping so they do not get lost.

Could you check if they are already in the hubs, or if they are indeed missing.
Thanks, PiBorg.

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Hi Dave,

Just to let you know the missing bits were all sent this morning.

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