Connecting Raspberry Pi to battery Pack


I bought a Full Soldered Kit, but I was wondering if I need to solder the 22AWG connector cables to the terminals? I have tried to just connect them, but they are really difficult to get into the terminals.

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You should not need to solder the cables to the terminals, the idea is the screws are used to clamp them in place.

You may need to untighten the screws so both of the slots are open before the wires will go in using a screw driver, turn them anti-clockwise to open them:

When they are open the wires should easily go into their slots.

Once in the slots you then need to tighten the screws by turnng them clockwise to close them.

When they feel like the are fully closed give the wires a gentle tug to ensure they do not come out.

Thanks so much! I will try that out!

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