Bluetooth USB Dongle (2.0) does not work together Raspien Jessie


The USB Bluetooth Dongle (2.0) from PiBorg:
does not work together with a Sony Playstation Controller PS3.
I made an installation on a Raspberry Pi Zero with Raspien Jessie according to this guide and the necessary patch:
the patch can be found at:
The first time just after the installation of sixad and the verry first command "sudo sixad --start" the PS3 controlles connects once, but after a reboot of the system it never connects again.
I replaced the dongle by an newer on (Bluetooth 4.0, backward compatible with 2.0) an it works fine.
Armin Blum, Switzerland

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Hi Armin,

We found that sixad was a bit unreliable with Jessie and have seen trouble with a number of different Bluetooth dongles.

We have since updated our PS3 setup guide for Jessie which no longer requires sixad to make the controller work.
Better still these instructions work with both the full copy of Jessie and Jessie Lite while requiring less packages to be installed.

The new instructions can be found here:
They are heavily based on BaseBot's PS3 setup guide:

Tried miserably to get this connected today and finally found this post. Purchased the Bluetooth dongle from you along with the diddy thinking it would be 100% compatible. Scoured forums and scratched my head thinking, what am I doing wrong.

Changed Bluetooth adaptor and it worked straight away.


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