Using USB cable as Power supplier by testing

Can I use an USB cable to supply power for PiBorg when I test some code / Python script without damage the Raspberry Pi board and others thing?

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I guess you are talking about testing code for one of our robots, such as DiddyBorg or 4Borg.

The only board which may have a problem with that is the BattBorg, it may not like having the 5V supplied from a different external source.
You should never power a Raspberry Pi from both a BattBorg and the USB at the same time.
In the worst case using both may suppy too much power to the Raspberry Pi and damage it!

What we would recommend is that you disconnect the BattBorg from the PicoBorg Reverse first.
This will allow you to power the Raspberry Pi and other boards from the USB.
You will also be able to drive the wheels as long as there are batteries connected.

While we would not recommend it you can also connected the USB with the BattBorg in place as long as the batteries are disconnected at all times.
This removes the need to disconnect the BattBorg, but it will prevent the wheels moving as well.

Yes, I mean the Diddy Borg. Can I connect a 230 AC to 6V DC power adapter to the 9V battery strap ( of the diddy Borg to power it?

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Unfortunately no, the BattBorg requires a minimum of 7V DC to work correctly.

You could do this if you have a power adapter which provides between 7 - 36 V DC.

Yes, I habe an other adapter 230 V AC to 15 V DC, max 3 A. So I can use it right? I thought it would be to much for the Battborg. Thank you for your hint.

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Yes, that adapter will work fine with the BattBorg.

The motors will run a bit faster than normal with the higher voltage, but it should be okay for short periods of time.

It works perfectly. :)

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