PiBorg DiddyBorg & 4Borg with Sense Hat


I have just found the PiBorg products and found them interesting as I wish to build a 'Mars' type rover with senses and live video feed, therefore could the Sense Hat be used with the DiddyBorg or 4Borg, please?


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The Sense HAT should play nicely with both the DiddyBorg and 4Borg.
Basically both the Sense HAT and the PicoBorg Reverse use I2C, but as they have different addresses they can share.

What you would need to do is find a way to connect both boards to the Raspberry Pi at the same time.

The simplest method would be to get a GPIO header with extended pins like this:
This will allow ou to fit the Sense HAT over the Raspberry Pi and have the pins poke through the board.
Then you can attach the two 3-pin cables onto the extended pins as you normally would to get the PicoBorg Reverse connected.

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