How to power a ultraborg and a battborg


How can I use the battborg when using the ultraborg as they both use the same pins on the Raspberry Pi?
Can I use the micro USB standard power supply connection if I modify the cable and connect it to the battborg?

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This is actually quite simple, they are designed to work together.

All you need to do is mount the BattBorg upside down on the 6-pin daisy-chain connector.
There is a mounting hole in the middle of the UltraBorg that will line up with the one on the BattBorg that can be used with the mounting post.

I do not have any images handy, but it works the same as when fitted on a PicoBorg Reverse:


If I wanted to daisy chain several ultraborgs or picoborg reverses, and power the whole with a battborg, would I add the battborg to the empty daisy chain header on the last board of the chain?


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Yes, adding the BattBorg to the final board in the daisy-chain will power all of the boards and the Raspberry Pi.

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