TriBorg for Model 2B


I understand that the TriBorg is listed as compatible with the Pi 2, but my Pi 2 has a 52-pin (I think) header, while the TriBorg is 40-way. To be honest, I don't know what the extra 12 pins are for (does anybody?) so it doesn't matter if they aren't included; but will the 40-way plug fit into the 52-pin header without modifying it?

Or am I just being thick again?

Best wishes

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I think there is a bit of confusion here.
The older model Raspberry Pis have a 26 pin GPIO header, the Pi 2 has a 40 pin header.

There is no problem using the TriBorg with the Raspberry Pi 2, but similary to the B+, the mounting holes are in different places, so the post doesn't line up.
You can use the post to give a little support (it sits over a non populated part of the Pi) but it won't screw in place.

You will need to mount the TriBorg over the first 26 pins like this:

You can view a pinout of the GPIO header here:
For the most part the extra pins are simply more inputs or outputs.

Thanks; the confusion lay between my ears, as it so often does.

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