powering from power adapter


I've got 4borg and during software development I'd rather power it from power adapter rather than using 9V battery. Alternatively if I could power it from both sources (e.g. engine from 9V) and raspberry from power adapter it could solve problem of recharging batteries so often.

Could anyone suggest if it's feasible and what connection I should make.

Thank you

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It is possible to power the Raspberry Pi seperately from the motors.

What you will need to do is stop the BattBorg from powering the Raspberry Pi.
This can be easily achieved by undoing the screw that holds the BattBorg down then disconnecting the BattBorg from the 6-pin header.

Once it is disconnected you should place it somewhere it is not going to touch any of the metal parts.
Now you can use the normal USB supply socket on the Raspberry Pi and still have the motors powered by the 9V battery.

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