DiddyBorg PS3 controller

I have mostly got my DiddyBorg working and fine tuning it and wrapping up loose ends.

I have followed the many guides to get this working. I have installed sixad/sixpair and it appears to be working for the most part.

When the system boots, it loads sixad from the /usr/bin/ directory. What I am needing is to autoload the controller script 'ps3DiddyJoy.sh' also. What is happening is, when I get the system powered up I have to go to a terminal and run './ps3DiddyJoy.sh' in order to control the bot. When I run ./ps3DiddyJoy.sh it gives this message:

sixad is already running.
run '/usr/bin/sixad --stop' to stop it
Loading PicoBorg Reverse on bus 1, address 44
Found PicoBorg Reverse at 44
PicoBorg Reverse loaded on bus 1
Waiting for joystick... (press CTRL+C to abort)
Joystick found
Press CTRL+C to quit

After I run './ps3DiddyJoy.sh' I am able to control the bot. How do I automate this process? Ideally, i would like to have this setup so that a terminal would not necessarily be needed, it just boots up and is ready to go.


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The easiest way to do this is to run the script in rc.local.

There is a good guide to editing rc.local here:

The line you will need to add is:
/home/pi/diddyborg/ps3DiddyJoy.sh &

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