Picoborg motor 1 isnt working?

I have the picoborg connected with m1 and m4 to it. I run the 4_dc.py program so that I can test if they run. All of the motors on the script run except 1. I don't even have any motors connected to 2 and 3 and they still say that they can run and display 'ON'. For some reason 1 doesn't want to turn on when I run the software...

Would you be able to diagnose the problem from this?

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That is a little bit strange.

When the script starts all 4 outputs should be OFF and they should all toggle even if there is no motor attached or the PicoBorg is disconnected from the Raspberry Pi.

Just to check are you running the script using sudo:
sudo ./4dc.py

There only other problems I can think of are:

  1. You have another script / program running which uses that GPIO pin
  2. A previously installed program / board used that GPIO pin and has changed some settings
  3. Another board you have attached to the Raspberry Pi is also trying to use the pin

The pin used by drive #1 happens to have the GPCLK function attached to it.
This might be the culprit as I believe some of the real-time clock (RTC) modules use this particular pin.

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