24V compressor

I'm trying to run a 24V DC compressor from my pi. I want to be able to switch it off and on again up to 60x/minute or so. Do you guys know what kind of Add-on board might best suit this function?

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Can you tell us a bit more about this compressor:

  1. What wattage (W) and / or current (A) is the compressor?
  2. What is the compressor for originally?
  3. Are you intending to use it for something else?

Usually compressors do not like being turned on and off at high speeds, depending on what they are designed for.
It may be better to control the output another way, such as a hysteresis check or a flow control valve.

Thanks, it draws a max current of 2A. I don't know what the compressor was for originally. I am intending to use it to blow up a bag intermittently. The company it is from state they are typically used for automotive, medical or analysis purposes. It is on page 17 of the attached file.
Many thanks for the reply!

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PicoBorg Reverse will happily drive that pump and toggling power or direction 60x per second.
This should be fairly simple to code using Python.

What you probably want to do is check with the manufacturer that you can toggle the pump motor at this rate.
Many motors do not like having power changes that regularly.

Alernatively you can use a solenoid valve to control the air flow, these will be designed for high rates of change:

Oh good, that's what I have ordered!
Just need to figure out some code once it arrives.
Thanks for the help & advice,

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