Triborg + soldering advice

Hi guys recently bought a triborg + for my pi project, I'm totally new to soldering, could someone give me some advice /tips for soldering them? I wondered if they might be "tinned"? I heard this is an expression meaning that you only heat the prong and it melts in place of using solder?

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The pins are not tinned, so you will need to use solder on each pin.

You want to solder on the side you are not going to be connecting to.
This means the header which connects to the Raspberry Pi is soldered on the top of the board, the others on the bottom.

I would suggest you take a look at our "How to solder a BattBorg" video for some tips soldering.
Treat the headers like the 6-pin header from the video, just with more pins to solder :)

Thanks for the advice! Shame you don't have a soldering service, I'd of paid!

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