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I would like to use a BatBorg in order to power my Pi3 from a 24V= supply, but I need an UPS functionality. I would like to achieve it by using an UPiS - Uninterruptible Power Intelligent Supply (stackable), which would handle the battery management.
Are the two boards compatible out of the box, is some tinkering needed, or is there some conflict to be expected?



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I presume this is the UPiS oard you are talking about:

While it would be possible it will not be easy to do this.
Put simply the BattBorg will have to supply the 5V and GND connections to the UPiS board, not the Raspberry Pi GPIO!

This could be achieved by:

  1. Get a spare USB micro cable,
    chop the large end off,
    solder some GPIO type pins to the cables inside,
    plug the 5V and GND wires into the 6-pin header on the BattBorg
  2. Carefully soldering some wires between the BattBorg and the USB micro connector on the UPiS

Either way you will have to be sure the connections are correct or you might damaged both boards!

Thank you very much.
I'll see what solution to choose.
I hope someone will identify the need, though.

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