Zeroborg with Wiimote


I previously built an omni-drive robot using a wiimote and a Vengit S-Brick to control the four omni-directional wheels. I showed it at the last Cambridge Pi Wars event.
I now want to recreate the same thing with my new Zeroborg but it seems that most PiBorg owners are using a wireless PS3 controller which I don't have (and can't afford to buy). Has anyone had any joy replacing it with a wiimote they might like to share ?
Ideally I would like to be able to start with the sample scripts provided for the Zeroborg.
Thanks in advance.

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We have not had any experience using wiimotes, but it should not be too hard to modify the standard example to work.

A few questions:

  1. Does the wiimote appear as a joystick?
  2. Are you trying to use the buttons or the accelerometer readings?
  3. Are you okay with sharing the code you have used to read the wiimote?

I tried and failed, while the buttons worked I could not get joystick functioning at all. If you succeed please post here and let me know as two of the three PS3 controlers I have wont work either!

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