HC-SR04 mount assembly


Hello! I wanted to let you know that the HC-SR04 does not exactly fit on the mounting plate. The mounting plate holes are just slightly too narrow compared to the HC-SR04 PCB holes. Also, the screws are very tight for the mount holes diameter, such that they are stripped when screwed. An image showing the problem is attached.

The bended metal is quite fragile and tends to not stay at 90 degres. I would suggest to not remove all the metal at the bending edge.

Also, is there a recommended place to put the sensors on the PiBorg? Do we actually have to drill holes?

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Unfortunately it has proven difficult to get a straight answer on where the mounting holes should be on the sensors.

In reality the first batch of HC-SR04s we had fitted perfectly, since then the exact layout has seemed to shuffle around now and again.

When we get the next run of these I think we will be looking at both the bend cut-out and the hole size / positions to make them mount a bit more cleanly.

On a DiddyBorg we normally mount the sensors on the corner posts, just below the top plate (see image below).
This means that you do not have to make any new holes and no additional parts are required.

For a single sensor I would pick one of the front corners and mount it facing directly forward.
With a pair we normally put them on both front corners and aim them either straight forward or very slightly outward.
With four we either do the same at the front and back, or have each facing a different direction to get left and right readings as well.


Excellent, thanks for the details.

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