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A few weeks ago i bought a PicoBorg and i have a question. I am unable to use the first 2 GPIO pins because those are already used by a BattBorg, so can a PicoBorg also function on other sets of GPIO pins?

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Melle Moerkerk

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While the PicoBorg does not use the first two GPIO pins themselves, it does have to be fitted onto the first 26pins to work correctly.

I would suggest using something which allows more than one board to be attached to the GPIO, like TriBorg+.

Okay, so if i just put the PicoBorg somewhere in the first 26 GPIO pins it just works fine?

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Are we talking about a PicoBorg Reverse or a basic PicoBorg?

A basic PicoBorg.

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The PicoBorg must be fitted so that the board is over the Raspberry Pi and connects to all of the first 26 pins.


But can it be placed on different GPIO pins? Or does it have to be the first ones?

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It has to be the first ones.

Oh, so i cant use a BattBorg and a PicoBorg together without a TriBorg? If so, can i return my BattBorg?

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You can't use a BattBorg and PicoBorg together without a TriBorg. If you had a PicoBorg reverse, this has a header on it to allow the BattBorg to sit on top.
You can use a TriBorg to connect a PicoBorg and a BattBorg together, or you can solder the BattBorg cable connections onto the top of the PicoBorg instead of using the pins.
If you do want to return it, you can send it back and we will issue a refund. Best place to do that is to use the contact tab above.

I will propably just solder the connection of the BattBorg on the PicoBorg, but doesnt that interfere with the other signal?

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They will work together fine if you solder them together.

See the image below for the connections you will need to solder.


Thanks for the information! Im querrently on vacantion, as soon as i get home i will try it!

Can I use the Picoborg at the same time as the Piborg Reverse? If so, how?

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Yes, you can connect both a PicoBorg and a PicoBorg Reverse to the same Raspberry Pi and use both at the same time :)

The easiest way to do this would be to use a board which duplicates the GPIO pins, such as our TriBorg board. This allows both boards to attach to their own copy of the GPIO header normally.

Is there a specifications sheet for the PicoBorg? So I can understand the pinout? The one linked to from the shop gives a 404 not found error.

I have limited space for my project so probably using triborg is out of the question, could I use the daisy chain on the picoborg reverse to connect up the picoborg? Or will the six pins not be enough?

Or I could attach the picoborg to the Pi as a Hat and then solder the six wires to the Picoborg to run to the Picoborg reverse?

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The details for the GPIO connections used by PicoBorg can be found here: https://www.piborg.org/blog/build/picoborg-build/picoborg-specification

Unfortunately the PicoBorg needs GPIO pins which are not on the 6-pin connection, so using the daisy-chain connector to attach the PicoBorg would not work.

Soldering the PicoBorg Reverse connections to the first six pins on top of the PicoBorg should work fine :)

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