Burned PicoBorg while soldering


While soldering wires to V+ and GND on my PicoBorg I burned part of the board to the left of V+.
Before I solder more wires, does this damage mean that the board won't work anymore?

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The good news is that the mark on the board next to the V+ wire is not a problem, it should not affect anything.

The bad news is the burned black bit of solder attached to the GND wire may be a problem.
It looks like it might be making contact with some other components.

Are you able to take a photo with the board placed flat so we can get a better look at the solder around the GND wire?

Thank you for the quick response.

I have taken some pictures with the board flat at different angles.

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Having had a proper look at the photos it does not look like any components are touching that should not be.
It is probably all fine, but I would be careful when you connect the power up just in case.

It looks like you have one motor soldered on already.
If so I would try attaching the PicoBorg in its current state and see if that motor works correctly.

If your soldering iron allows you to adjust the temperature I would try soldering on a slightly cooler setting.
Otherwise you should probably try to hold the iron on the board for less time while soldering.

Thank you for the help, the board now has two motors attached and it's working great!

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