Web UI with Mobile phone Hotspot?

Ist it possible to use the Web UI with an Mobile Phone Hotspot and a Laptop?

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Yes, it should be possibel to use a mobile phone hotspot with the Web UI script.

All you need to do is make sure the Raspberry Pi is connecting to the hotspot.
You can then use the IP address given by the hotspot to access the Web UI from any device connected to the same hotspot.
This includes the phone itself :)

Hi Ive gone back to basics and am trying to experiment with the DiddyborgRed web Ui. Ive managed to get it working at home with the Raspberry Pi connected to my mobile phones wifi and then viewed on the same phone. It also works when both devices are connected to the same home network.
However if I try log into the Web ui from a remote location using a different network it wont connect.
My aim is to have the Raspberry Pi connected to a moblle phone hotspot as above but be able to view and move motors etc from a remote location i.e. not connected to same network.
Is this possible ?


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I am not sure it would be possible to use a mobile hotspot like that.

Normally with a WiFi connection to an internet connected router you need to tell the router to forward messages from the internet on the port (80 by default) to the correct computer / IP address to make it accessible from outside the local network.

You can try and look up if it is possible to do port forwarding on your phone when it it setup as a hotspot. If you can setup port forwarding then it should be possible.

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