Can we make a YetiBorg, any plans to release plans /kits so we can test at home.

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We plan to start selling YetiBorgs after we have sent the rewards out to everyone who has backed us on Kickstarter.

We will have a page similar to the DiddyBorg page with assembly instructions and example code, this should be up sometime this month.'s picture

Hi guys. I have just ordered Formula Pi Winter 2016 & Summer 2017 entries. I couldn't make the pledge on the Kickstarter (I was too late...), and cannot get a YetiBorg. How can I buy a YetiBorg on this web site before the winter event? If you have estimated date of YetiBorg release, please kindly tell me soon. Thanks.

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Unfortunately we used up all of the first run of YetiBorgs with the Kickstarter rewards and our club robots used in the races themselves.

The bad news is that we are very unlikely to have more YetiBorgs before Christmas at this point.

The good news is that there is a simulation provided with the standard Race Code which will allow you to test changes without a YetiBorg.
A bit over half of the winter entrants do not have an actual YetiBorg so you are in good company :)'s picture

Thanks for the prompt reply! Good to hear that we have a simulation (simulator.) Where can I get the simulator?

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The simulator is included as part of the standard Race Code.
You should receive an email from us today with instructions on how to get access to the Race Code.

There is a getting started guide on the Formula Pi website: Competitors - getting started

Is there a possibility to provide the chassis drawing with the sizing and where to get the gear with wheel? We would like to build our own YetiBorg to prepare ourselves for the next summer race.

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We are in the process of deciding what will be available for YetiBorgs in terms of kits, materials, and information.

We are really busy with both Formula Pi and the run up to Christmas, so I would expect things to be available sometime in the new year.

Any updates around YetiBorg availability?

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You asked a little too early :)

We are starting a new Kickstarter either this week or next week which is to do with a "YetiBorg 2.0" in part.
This will replace the original YetiBorg, so we will not be selling the design as used in the first Formula Pi series.

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed or our Formula Pi blog to stay informed about these new robots!

Thanks a lot for the quick answer. Good luck for the first race. I'm looking forward to participate on the next race in Summer 2017 :-)
I will try to build a similar YetBorg myself to get some experience on that.

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