using zeroborg with sensehat

The sensehat and zeroborg want to use the same gpio pins. Is there a simple way to change the pins the zeroborg uses so that I can use the sense-hat's motion sensors? I'm intending to wire-wrap connectors for the zeroborg around the unused gpios. Thanks, Ben

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You cannot change which pins on the GPIO ZeroBorg is connected to, but the boards can share these pins :)

Both of the boards are using a communication system known as I2C to talk to the Pi.
This works a bit like the way the WiFi or Ethernet work, each chip has its own address.

The I2C addresses for the Sense HAT are: 0x46, 0x1C, 0x6A, 0x5C, and 0x5F.
The default I2C address for the ZeroBorg is: 0x40.

As all the addresses are different both boards can use the I2C bus at the same time.
The other pins are used for power on both boards and can be safely shared as well.

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