BattBorg and UP Board


Hi, I use the BattBorg to power my Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and it's very good. I've a question about the BattBorg and another board, the UP Board ( This board has the same pinout of the RPi, but I'm not sure if it's compatible. Can you give me a response?

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It is not entirely clear, it may work or it may not.

The two things I am not sure about based on that link:

  1. Since there is no specification for the GPIO it is unclear if the board can be powered from the GPIO pins or not
  2. The board has a 3A power input, BattBorg only works upto 1.5A.
    This means BattBorg might not be powerful enough to run the board

It might be worth asking them if a board like BattBorg will work with their boards.

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