LEDBorg drivers with Pixel


I have some code written that has been in use for many years that uses the LEDBorg drivers. Is there any way to be able to install and uses these with the latest (Pixel) version of the RasPi OS please? I'd rather not re-write all my code you see.

Regards - Mark Pepper

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We have moved away from supporting the old drivers due to numerous problems with them:

  1. They needed rebuilding every time Raspbian was updated
  2. Doing an update on a Raspberry Pi could break them
  3. The software based GPIO libraries offer better control, providing more colours
  4. Custom builds were required for other OSes or custom kernels
  5. The numerous downloads are confusing to new users
  6. They do not work with the Raspberry Pi v2
  7. The two drivers for rev1 and rev2 caused a lot of installation issues for users

In short we decided there were too many problems to warrant maintaining the old drivers.

You could try the custom build instructions posted on the forum, they should build a good version of the LedBorg driver as long as your version is up to date with rpi-update based on the last time I tried.

Given how complex maintaining this driver will be I would suggest that updating your code may prove easier in the long run.
In particular updating the version of Raspbian will typically require the driver to be rebuilt to get it to work again.

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