Zeroborg with Diddyborg motors

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I am new to the world of electronic so sorry in advance if this is a dumb question . I would like to know if I can use the zeroborg with the motors found on the diddyborg .

Many thanks

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You can use both the standard and the Red Edition DiddyBorg motors with a ZeroBorg.
We would recommend connecting a single motor to each output.

Bear in mind that the maximum power supply voltage for the ZeroBorg is 10.8V, this makes the battery packs supplied with DiddyBorgs unsuitable for use with ZeroBorgs.

If you are using our example scripts (such as zbJoystick) remember to change the voltages in the script to match your robot:

  • Set voltageIn to the voltage from your battery
    Typical "9V style" rechargeable batteries are 8.4V
  • For the standard 60 rpm motors set voltageOut = 6.0
  • For the Red Edition 100 rpm motors set voltageOut = 12.0

Thanks for getting back to me, very helpful.

I'm not sure what the standard or red edition refers to . Do you have a link please. Also, will you be getting some of these in stock soon?

With regard to power, I'm looking at 6 AA batteries for the motors. I was thinking of powering the pi separately.


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The standard motors come with the Black and Clear DiddyBorg kits:
Single 6V metal motor and wheel set

The DiddyBorg Red Edition kits come with these faster 12V motors instead:
Single 12V metal motor and wheel set

The 12V motors are currently in stock.
I am not sure when we will have the 6V motors available again, probably not for a while.

6x AA batteries will work fine with both types of motor above and the ZeroBorg.
For rechargeable AAs set the scripts to have voltageIn = 6 * 1.2
For non-rechargeable AAs set the scripts to have voltageIn = 6 * 1.5

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