Battborg and Rasberry Pi 3 Constantly Rebooting


I have recently purchased the 4Borg kit and I am having an issue with the Raspberry Pi 3 constantly rebooting when connected via the battborg. I have attempted to isolate the problem by connecting only the battborg to the Raspberry Pi 3. I am using the recommended GP Recyko 9V connected to the battborg and read 9.12V input and 5.0V output form the battborg with nothing else connected. When I connect the output of the battborg to the RP3, I read from 4.97V to 4.13V fluctuation with red light on and green light blinking following with both lights off then a repeating sequence. I have used multiple jumper cables from the battborg to the raspberry pi 3 and used a different RP3 as well and new SD card image to no avail.

Do you have any ideas for additional troubleshooting or may the battborg be defective ?

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There are a few possible causes here, we will try to narrow down the culprit for you.

Do you have anything attached to the USB ports on the Raspberry Pi?
If so it may be drawing too much current from the BattBorg, causing the voltage drop.

The most likely cause is the battery.
Unfortunately voltage is not always a good indication of what state the battery is in.
The battery may be close to flat or defective despite the 9+ voltage reading.

I would suggest trying the following:

  1. Disconnect everything from the USB as well as the GPIO except the BattBorg.
  2. Recharge the GP Recyko fully to be sure it is fresh.
  3. See if the freshly charged battery works.
  4. If the behaviour is the same try a new quality normal 9V battery (e.g. energizer).
    If this works then the GP Recyko is faulty and not delivering enough current.
  5. If this all fails check the Raspberry Pi powers correctly from a USB power supply

Let us know how you get on with these tests :)

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For reference I just recharged one of our GP Recykos.
The fully charged battery read 10.15 V, so 9.12 V may be getting low anyway.

Purchased a new rechargeable Energizer 9V and the Raspberry Pi 3 boots just fine. The problem seems to have been the GGP Recyko. Thanks so much for your help.

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