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I am a little confused about the 5V link. If it is used when there are no servos does that mean the 5V and ground pins from the pi are connected here.

Can an external battery be connected to it or would that be be bad? If that is ok, which pin is ground and which is power.

Basically, i want to use one of your battborgs to get the 5 Volts. Since they use jumper cables i figure it would be easier to go from jumper cable to jumper cable instead of using the screw terminals. Of course i could still use the screw terminals so really I'm just curious. Thanks for your help.

Steve F.

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The 5V link is simply used to connect the 5V from the Raspberry Pi to the 5V for the servos and ultrasonic sensors.
When connected this allows the servos and sensors to share the Raspberry Pi's 5V supply.
When disconnected the servos and sensors use their own supply connected to the screw terminals.

It would be a bad idea to connect power to the 5V link as their is no ground pin at all!
The two pins are:

  1. Servo 5V
  2. Raspberry Pi 5V

The easiest way to connect a BattBorg if you are trying to power the Raspberry Pi is to fit it directly onto the daisy-chain connector of the UltraBorg (see image below).
This will remove the need for using cables entirely :)

If you do not have a separate 5V supply for the servos / sensors then you will also want to have the 5V link jumper fitted.
This will then use the 5V coming from the BattBorg to power both the Raspberry Pi and anything attached to the UltraBorg.

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