Rock Candy Wireless and Zeroborg Joystick Settings (left/right Problem)


I configured axisupdown to 1 on the left joystick and axisleft/right to 2 on the right joystick in

I use the zeroborg ks2 Board and a pi zero,

I see that with left joystick up/down motors are running correct forward/backbard)

Using the right joystick for left/rigth nothing happens (motors no reaction)

I used jstest to check the the Rock Candy (new Bluetooth stuff) with the jstest /dev/input/js0 tool.
Here I see, that the right joystick correctly works on 2, which is configured.

Mapping left/right to zero works on left joystick toggle it left/right down, but makes no sense.

For me, it seems that the right joystick generally doesn't work

Any ideas, many thx in advance


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When steering with our script you need to use both sticks at the same time.

The right stick tells the robot how much to turn and which way.
The left stick tells the robot how fast to move.

Pushing the left stick fully forward and the right stick fully left should perform a left turn with the right wheels at full speed :)


many thx for your fast response ... will test in the next days :-)

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