New Setup of ZeroBorg

N00b question alert:

I have a KS1 board and want to power steppers separate from the pi Zero w.

I will be using usb power supply for the Zero W...and, presumably, a 9 volt supply for the ZeroBorg...but I want to use a plug in supply.

Is there anything that needs to be modified? Is the 6 pin extender that is to be soldered to the ZeroBorg supposed to be modified in order to not transfer any power?

There does not seem to be much documentation on what needs to be done...or am I missing finding this initial setup.


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You will not need to do anything else, the power supplies will be separate with your proposed setup ^_^

I think the confusion here is due to the difference between the KS1 and KS2 boards:

  1. The KS1 board has no DC/DC regulator.
    This means that the Raspberry Pi has to be powered from a separate source. Some of the ZeroBorg logic is powered via the Raspberry Pi, but the motors are powered from their own power source and the two supplies are not joined in any way. This allows the motor supply to be anywhere in the 2.7V to 10.8V range.
  2. The KS2 board has an on-board 5V DC/DC regulator.
    This means that the Raspberry Pi is powered from the ZeroBorg KS2. The 5V for the Raspberry Pi in this case is generated from the motor power supply, which now has to be at least 7V.

Put simply the KS1 has to have a separate power supply for the Raspberry Pi, whereas the KS2 generates 5V to power the Raspberry Pi itself.

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