Cant get code to run on startup.

I built the Diddy borg a while back and it runs great however i have failed to get the code to run on startup so i usually just get it running over VNC and carry on but it would be great not to have to do that.

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You should be able to get the scripts to run from /etc/rc.local.

Start by opening /etc/rc.local to make an addition using:
sudo nano /etc/rc.lcoal

Then add a line just above the exit 0 line that looks like this to run the script you want:

sudo /home/pi/diddyborg/ &

Replace with the name of the script you want to run.

Finally press CTRL+O, ENTER to save the file followed by CTRL+X to exit nano.
Next time you power up the Raspberry Pi it should start the script for you :)

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