Low dropout 5V 1A voltage regulator with 4 AA batteries


Do you have an estimate on how long a pi will run with the regulator and a fresh pack of 4 AA batteries?

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The problem with batteries in this case is the more power you use, the less time they last.

If for example you are doing heavy processing on the Raspberry Pi and have a couple of USB powered devices (such as WiFI) attached they may not last long, on the other hand if you are not running anything on the Raspberry Pi and have no attached devices it will run for quite a while.

Is there a target time you are hoping for?

I'm building a quadcopter and I have a Picoborg and XLoborg attached. The raspberry pi will use the information of the XLoborg sensors for powering the motors. Maybe I'll use a seperate power source to supply the actual power of the motors.

Hoping for around 30 to 45 minutes run time.

The programming won't be a problem, but I'm not so familiar with developing physical robots.

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If it is only supplying the Raspberry Pi then it should be able to run for longer than 45 minutes, so that would be fine.

If it was powering motors as well then it is hard to say, it would depend on how powerful the motors themselves are, but given you will be driving four of them it is likely to be less than the 45 minutes and quite possibly less than the 30 minutes as well.

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