Mobile data hotspot and PicoBorg Reverse


Due to loss of internet for a short period of time I've made use of an ZTE MF65 LTE/3G mobile data wifi router. I have managed to succesfully connect my Raspberry to the router's wifi, however when I try to connect to the RPi IP adress to get to the robot control panel I get the browser ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error. The Raspberry Pi 3 is connected and I have the correct IP adress (I got it using the hostname -I command).

Now, is there a setting or a web-port I need to change if I'm using a mobile-data-to-wifi router? It used to work fine with my wifi that is currently unavailable.


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This is a hard one, there could be a fair number of different explanations here.

The first thing to check is to see if you can talk to the Pi using its IP address at all. I would suggest trying a ping command, e.g:
and see if it works. This should work from a Linux terminal or Windows command prompt of any machine connected to the same mobile WiFi.

If that does not work then something about the mobile WiFi is probably blocking communication between devices for some reason.

Well, for some reason I wasn't paying attention to which WiFi I had connected my PC. It works fine, just make sure that the raspberry and your PC (from which you're accessing the control panel) are on the same WiFi/ hotspot, then it works:)

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