Awww blast. OK I'm new to all this robot malarky but my research indicates I should be looking for motors with encoders to give feedback to make robot go straight. Just found this nice looking place and shop, but no motors with encoders or even separate encoders in the Accessories shop.

Any chance of putting this sort of thing in you shop, or any recommended other party encoders to compliment your robot kit.

Well I thought I would ask :-)

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Finding good motors with encoders can be tricky, especially if you are short on space.

Most of our robot kits have the motors fairly close together which makes finding a similar motor with an encoder fitted difficult. Which robot kit are you looking to add encoders to?

I was looking at the Robot Essentials Kit to experiment with. The monster borg also looks interesting too. The eventual robot I want to have a go at is a largish robot about 500mm square and directed with gps, That is feed gps coordinates into the robot and off it trundles till it reaches the waypoint but in a straight line, then it turns round and comes back with an offset but parallel course. It can go quite slow, a slow walking pace would be ideal, and be man enough to tackle a grass field. If you know of suitable motors for the eventual robot or the initial experimental small scale robot I was looking to start off with then please let me know.

I've just seen your doodlebug on YouTube, a slower version of that with just 4 wheels is what I aspire to. Awesome. ( I should be able to fit encoders on that I should think :-) )

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The Pi Hut has a good selection of appropriate motors with encoders here. These should all work fine with the Robot Essentials kit, just pick the speed that best suits your needs. Bear in mind that the faster RPM ones with have much lower torque.

As for the larger project you could either make your own encoder or find one which can be fitted to your motors or wheels in some way. The best thing motor wise would be something like an electric wheelchair or scooter motor. You can get the nice slow pace using gearing such as a pair of gears and some chain (we did this on DoodleBorg). The main constraint on the motors will be the overall weight, heavier means larger power requirements.

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