Ball following motors not activated

I am using the yetiborg ball following code. I do get feedback on the screen but it looks like the readings are below the expected values. E.g. Drive Left 0.29 and Drive Right 0.27 at 60 cm and 0.70 and 0.71 at 1.5m. The motors are not activated. yetiSequence etc. work fine. Using Zeroborg and ZeroCam. Any suggestions?

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It looks like there is a bit of a mistake with the script and the maxPower adjustment (for the motor voltage) is actually done twice :(

All you should need to do is delete this line in the "Setup the power limits" section:

autoMaxPower *= maxPower

After that the readings should reach 1.00 at maximum distance.

If the YeitBorg is still struggling to move at lower distances you can also turn autoMinPower up a bit, something like 0.5 might work better.

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