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Hello PiBorg Team,

do you have any guides written by your own or any references to guides regarding the Xbox One Controller?

I have supported the MonsterBorg campaign on kickstarter and I have just finished the build instructions. Now I see it is possible to use the Borg with a PS3 Controller. The problem is, I am an Xbox player so I have about 4 Xbox One Controllers here but not a single PS3 Controller. So to be honest I dont want to spend extra money for a PS3 Controller.

I searched for that on google of course, but the only things I could found were:

- Xbox 360 Controller
- Xbox 360 / One Controller to RetroPi

The thing is I dont want to destroy my Pi from the beginning, because everything is working fine at the moment. I have seen the PS3 Controller Guide here, but because the PS4 is already different and the 360 Guide only is totally different, I am worried about the risks. Unfortunately the only Xbox One Controller Guide I could found is about connecting to a RetroPi system, which has data and paths I dont have on my Raspbian.

Could you help me? Has anyone of you already tried it? Can anyone tell me how to connect one of my Xbox One Controllers via Bluetooth?


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I have asked around the office, but nobody here has an Xbox One or any controllers, so we have not had a go at doing this.

Hopefully someone else on the forum can give you a hand. Plenty of kudos up for grabs to anyone who has an answer to this (we would also like to know)!

You could try installing RetroPi on top of Raspbian, but it may or may not help in the end.

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