Where are the robots


I've been perusing this site for a month or so to see if I can buy a robot. Where are they. Not a borg of any sort to buy - all out of stock. Are you going to have something to sell soon or do I have to go a buy something from the USA. What are all the borgers up to I wonder :-)

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I know it has been quite a while now, but we do have robots coming just around the corner :)

Basically we have a very exciting announcement to make in a week or two about what has been going on with PiBorg for the last couple of months. I am not allowed to say much at the moment, but I can tell you there will be a few kits in stock when we reveal our big news. This will be a mixture of existing robot kits and brand new ones.

If you keep an eye on our @Pi_Borg twitter feed it should be impossible to miss when the robots are back in stock :) Alternatively you can sign-up for an email when MonsterBorg is back in stock on the MonsterBorg Kit page (Click here towards the top).

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