motors and driver for outdoor robot carrying 10Kg



I'm designing an outdoor wheeled robot (yes ..yet another one !) . Its main requirements are;-

Needs to carry a payload weighing at least 10Kg.
Needs to have a payload platform area of at least 600 sq cm (length X width) Total size (wheels, etc ) can be larger.
Needs ground clearance of at least 10 cm
Needs to be able to move across a flat level grass lawn
Speed is not important. It can be slow, so ... speed of 0.5 m / sec, acceleration of 0.5 m/sec sq would be OK.
I intend to control it using a Raspberry Pi version 3 board.

Can you advise me;- what make of motors and motor drivers would be suitable ?

many thanks

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Based on the size and speed you are after I think it should be easy enough to find parts.

As you need enough torque to move a 10 Kg load, but not too much speed, I think you probably want to keep the gearing on your motors low. For example four motors like our P37UK12 ones, but geared to about 100 RPM instead of 300. This can be done by external 3:1 gearing, or finding an equally powerful motor which is already geared slower.

With wheels you will need them to be large enough for the ground clearance and traction. Keep in mind wheels which are too large will require even slower motors, otherwise they will not have enough torque. Something in the region of 80 - 130 mm diameter should be large enough.

With these type of motors our ThunderBorg will be quite happy to drive all four motors from a single board (a left and right pair). The weight should not be an issue in this case.

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